About Us

Our journey started as a company whose objective was to help businesses increase their reach and boost sales. Working with both companies that are ISO certified and that are not, we learned ISO has a great impact on the overall growth of a business. And this is when we decided to provide businesses assistance needed to implement ISO standard.

Soon after we started providing ISO consultation services, we emerged as one of the top ISO consultants based in Oman. Over short span of time we have helped a large number of businesses looking to implement ISO standard. Today, we cater to businesses in different countries including India, Oman and UAE.

  • Our History

    The foundation of VAMAH was laid with a vision to become one of the top ISO consulting companies in the Middle-East. Today, we are among the handful of companies providing world-class ISO services.

    Whether you want to get ISO 9001 or 17065 certification, VAMAH Standardization Services is the name you can completely rely on. With years of experience and a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have helped hundreds of businesses implement ISO standard, VAMAH can be your best partner to making the most of ISO quality standard for the growth of your business.

    Let’s have a look at our top 3 work principles which we truly value even today –

    • Pleasant price for the high quality service.
    • Simplfy solutions for Client to obtain the best outcome.
    • Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Mission

    Our mission at Vamah is to help you grow your business and get ahead of your competitors. And this is what keeps us motivated to deliver better result every time we provide you services. Our mission makes us put in our best to create the business strategies which may bring out the best results for each of our clients.

  • Vision

    We dream to be one of the best business leaders in ISO consulting services in Middle-East and we are sure our proficient staff, pioneering business strategies and dedicated work will soon make us realize our vision.

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