How To Get ISO 22000 Certification?

People have become highly aware of the quality standards in everything. Before buying anything, they want to make sure the product is manufactured by a reliable manufacturer who sees quality as a top priority. Now when it comes to food and drinks, buyers know that the products should be of fine quality without any side effect. This is the reason why each produce or manufacturer of edible and drinkable products requires a highly efficient food safety management system.

There are globally established ISO certificates which make sure that a firm has a highly reliable food quality and safety management system and the firm is putting continual efforts to make it even more dependable. ISO 22000 is the international standard covering everything in the food supply chain right from the farms to the forks.

The food processing and food product manufacturing industry is in need to show that it is able to control, limit, and eliminate contamination and other safety hazards. To tackle these prime issues related to food quality and safety, an ISO 22000 consultancy can surely help you acquiring Food Safety Management System (FSMS) certification based on the guidelines given by ISO.

The ISO 22000 FSMS manual requires a system to display compliance with applicable regulatory and statutory food requirements. By fulfilling with ISO 22000:2005 a company can show that their food safety system meets the requirements established by clients, importers, and other vendors in the food chain and can watch against a contagion that may be introduced to the food chain any point.

ISO 22000 consultancy services permit a firm to formulate suitable practices and optimal standards to create a formal FSMS policy regardless of its size and location. Within this, services identify and provide the direction and the tools required to efficiently and accurately determine and implement the firm’s food safety system requirements.

Implementation of ISO 22000 FSMS with the support of ISO 22000 consultancy shows a major effort since these consultancy services are the foremost food safety certification provider body, with authorization for internationally recognized food security programs. The service also details the stimulations for the management system that merge with well-known key elements to ensure safety along the food supply chain, up to the last consumption.

The highly experienced auditors of the consultancy services can work with you to make sure the products are certified, manufactured, developed, packed, and distributed while keeping up the highest standards of food quality.

To enhance the production processes and performances that can further help you produce more business and become more competent, ISO 22000 specifies a few requirements to the firm. There are training programs to plan, apply, operate, uphold, and update a Food Safety Management System aimed to provide products that are safe for the consumers as per their intended use, and to display compliance with certain legal regulatory for food quality and safety.

ISO 9001 Consultancy Service to Acquire Quality Management Certification

You might be aware of the most recognized standard – ISO 9001. It is basic yet the most important quality management system which is widely used in several industries regardless of their size and location. Registering your company with ISO 9001 or any other quality management standards provide objective proof of an organization that it has successfully implemented and brought the standards into the effective quality management system, and that it matches the requirements of the applied standard. Continue reading ISO 9001 Consultancy Service to Acquire Quality Management Certification

The Significance of Implementing ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is global standard for managing occupational health and safety programs that ensure worker safety in health care sector. The standard has some requirements and guidelines that need organisations in the health sector needs to follow as to be ISO 45001 compliant.

Even though you are already compliant with OHSAS a kind of standard for managing safety system in health care sector, you need to implement ISO 45001 as the OHSAS is to retire from 2021.

ISO 45001 which was in March of 2018 by the International Organization for Standardization helps organisations to reduce the work-related accidents or diseases worldwide. It is going to replace OHSAS and brings out an uniform approach to health and safety.

 Goals of ISO 45001

  • The ISO 45001 aims to help your organization achieve:
  • continual improvement of OH&S performance;
  • fulfillment of legal requirements and other requirements;
  • achievement of OH&S objectives.

ISO 45001

How the Standard Helps Meet These Goals

There are many appendices and clauses that provide everything you will need to implement this standard to ensure a better safety and health to workers at the workplace.

In fact, there are many areas the properly implementation of this standard helps you excel in. And those areas are where an organisation must have strong hold in as to sustain and compete in the market.

Here are some of the ways implementing the ISO 45001 can help you:

Leadership and worker participation: Clause 5 of this standard focuses on engaging leaders and workers in your OH&S management system. The clause focuses on encouraging even the workers who are in management to participate in safety and health activities by decreasing the barriers.

Planning: This section of the standard tells organisations about how to address risks and harness the opportunities. It helps you with identifying the hazards, predicting opportunity, and understanding the legal things required.

Support: support section mainly deals with areas such as resources that help with continual improvement of the OH&S management system, workers competence and how to enhance it, awareness about the potential risks and the best approach to tackle them, a better communication and documentation.

Operation:  Clause 8 which focuses on operation part of the management system helps you how to plan to control risks through implementation of the processes necessary to address risk, opportunities and legal compliance.

Performance evaluation:  In this section, you are told about the method that helps with monitoring, measuring and evaluating the performance of your OH&S system. The ISO 45001 OHSAS certification will also help you set up a process for internal audits as well as management review.

Improvement:  Here you learn about how to make your safety and health system far better.  The section provides insights into incidents, non-conformity, and corrective actions that help you drive improvements.

With those considered, it seems quite evident that implementation of the ISO 45001 along with OHSAS is very important.  And a ISO 45001 OHSAS Certification for ISO 45001 and Safety Management Software can help you easily implement this standard and sync it with your existing system.

All about the Advantages of Obtaining 18001 OHSAS Certificate

The OHSAS 18001 is an international standard which focuses on health and safety related norms in an organization. Getting your company OHSAS 18001 certified will allow you to include regulations for your employees’ wellbeing through implementing policies as per the framework set by the standard. They are actually living documents which can anytime be reviewed, revised, and developed according to the requirement.

This standard delivers a variety of benefits that can help your company meet its revenue goals without compromising on your workers. For instance, it can…

1. Improve your reputation in the industry and increase opportunities for you to gain new business

2. Minimize downtime risks caused by accidents

3. Enhance your approach to meet with the legal obligations

4. Help you do possible cost savings through premiums in public liability insurance

5. Maintain your company’s compliance with legal requirements

6. Give you a strong and steady system so that you can maintain can eventually improve the health and safety of the employees in your company

It is also often advised to get help from a reliable 18001 OHSAS Consultancy so that to consult eligibility, employee training programs, procedure, and other possible advantages. However, to help you further, I have discussed some other benefits of obtaining 18001 OHSAS certificate for your company.

ISO 18001 Ohsas Consultancy

The standard is effectively helpful in reducing the number of accidents

Researches show that if a good safety policy is implemented in a company and nicely handled by the management, there can be a considerable reduction in workplace accidents.

Downtime and costs related to it can be reduced

A company’s most valuable asset is its workforce as without them it cannot function the way it is supposed to. So when a few members of staff are ill or injured there will be some sort of loss due to lack of productivity during the downtime.

Legal compliance

Government is there to help protect your workers but it is your company’s management which is responsible to make sure they are compliant with the latest health and safety laws for workplaces. Once certified, you can rest assured knowing all your employees are covered.

Stop losing stakeholders

People want to buy shares of the company which stays concerned about the health and safety of its employees in any manner. Simply because people know that if the employees are covered they will stay for the growth of the company they work for; therefore the company’s stakeholders would be satisfied.

It can reduce insurance costs

While the company gets help from the 18001 OHSAS consultancy and implements this standard, the chances of accidents in its premises will go down, due to which the insurance costs will also go down.

Today, health and Safety remains a key concern for all enterprise owners. Implementing an efficient health & safety policy is highly important for a company regardless of its size or industry. Perhaps, ISO 18001 OHSAS offers several benefits to both the employer and the worker.