How Being OHSAS 18001 Certified Benefit A Business In The UAE?

OHSAS 18001 is a global standard that ensures health and safety in an organization. Getting certified means you add to your reputation. Put simply, a business which is OHSAS certified is trusted more than those that are not in the UAE.

ISO 18001 OHSAS Certification

In fact, this standard offers a long list of benefits for businesses – the benefits that can help you meet your revenue goals with no compromise on your productivity of the current workforce.  These are some of ways it can help you.

This standard offers a range of benefits that can help companies meet their revenue goals without compromising their workforce. For example, it helps to:

  • Preventing accidents
  • Giving the business a competitive advantage
  • Making your business more productive
  • Protecting it against legal action
  • In the reassurance customers and stakeholders

Implementing OHSAS 18001 is no less than a kind of investment that pays you back for a longer period of time. And in more ways than one.

But it takes time and effort. OSHAS 18001 Certification allows businesses to:

  • Indentify weak areas and work on them
  • Enhance workplace morality which is linked to the productivity of an organization
  • Reduce legal complications, which in a way or so might hamper the productivity of a business, and sometimes it may impact your reputation
  • Develop brand recognition because people prefer to work with a business with OSHAS 1800 Certification
  • Reduce cost by removing security risks. By implementing this standard, you can be able to determine common and hidden health/safety risks in a work environment which might cause a financial loss.

How to Implement OSHAS 1800

It does not matter what industry you belong to, health and safety concerns impact all businesses. Implementing OHSAS 18001 allows a business to create a safe environment to work in by reducing accidents, downtime, and litigation.

But it is not easy. The implementation of this standard requires skills, hard work, and experience. There are expert ISO 18001 OHSAS Certification programs that are designed to help businesses looking to get OHSAS certified. These courses help you in every area – such as:

  • Get the basics of the health and safety standards as per Occupational Health and Safety Management.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge regarding OHSAS 18001.
  • Understand the benefits of the standard and how it affects business
  • Understand the connection between OHSAS 14001, 18001 and ISO 9001.

There are many organizations in the UAE providing such programs such as VAMAH which has long been offering best-in-the-class standardization services for businesses across the region.

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