About Vamah UAE

Vamah is Dubai’s premium consultancy services provider for ISO certification. We believe in helping our clients achieve the zenith of success in their business operation through appropriate ISO certifications. So, if you are looking for ISO certification consultancies in Dubai, UAE, then Vamah is your one-stop solution! We have helped numerous professionals and business groups to fruitfully obtain different kinds of ISO certifications.

About Our ISO Training Awareness

Apart from providing excellent care throughout the process of getting the relevant ISO certification, we also offer specific ISO Training Awareness programs. Our consultants, mentors,and trainers have extensive experience in dealing with clients who are willing to learn more about ISO. Impeccable training coupled with dedicated teachers, efficiently crafted modules and scope for two-way interaction makes us one of the best ISO training awareness providers in Dubai. We assure you timely assistance, adequately structured lessons, competent guides all along your program. Moreover, on completion, we ensure that you will have gained enough knowledge about the required ISO parameters.

Benefits of ISO Training Awareness

Through an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) awareness program, your staff members as well as managers, are given a basic introduction of what ISO is all about. Various topics such as ISO compliant infrastructure, standard’s development processes, procedures involved, and membership formalities are efficiently explained by us. Through our swift training and able guidance from professional consultants, we shall enable you to comprehend the audit details, its benefits,and necessity in today’s competitive work environment. We shall include ISO Training Awareness programs for various standards such as ISO 17024, ISO 14001, ISP 15189 and the likes. Once your representatives have successfully completed the training, they shall be equipped to understand the following:

  • Basic concepts of International Organization for Standardization
  • Benefits to your business upon adoption of ISO
  • Principles revolving around significant standardization
  • The approach utilized for implementation of various standards.
  • All kinds of requirements necessary to be fulfilled for particular standards

We are positive that in no time, our programs will lead you to understand everything associated to ISO! Additionally, our trainers are readily available for all types of doubts that may come up during a lesson. Our consultants can be approached directly or via virtual means as well.

Why should you enroll in our ISO Training Awareness?

Our ISO Training Awareness follows a reliable and informative approach throughout, providing your personnel with effectivelearning and expertise in the field along with being updated with the latest trends in International Organization for Standardization. Moreover, in this competitive business environment, it’s only wiser to be equipped with the nuances of an ISO certification. We guarantee you of help at every level of your interaction with us. Be it before your enrolment, during your course or even after completion of the program, our advice is only a call away. So get enrolled in the course at the earliest! Feel free to get in touch with us online or by visiting our office; we are looking forward to a long-term association with you.