Vamah, UAE- GMP

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a self-governing system that ensures that the products that are produced are controlled consistently according to quality standards. It also ensures that the guidelines for production according to the HACCP Certification are also being followed to meet the criteria. It is an essential certification for all the food manufacturers and food processing organizations.

About Vamah

We, at Vamah, intend to offer quality management consultancy services to our clients from across the globe. We have helped many organizations from all around the world to restructure their managerial operations and bag various necessary certifications from multiple certifying bodies. We also ensure that our clients get the essential benefits from the GMP Certification. We are also very particular about protecting our client details and the information they provide to us,and we take extreme measures to make sure we keep this promise.

Benefits We Offer

At Vamah, we ensure that your organization benefits extensively from our services and consultation.  We are set up in Dubai, UAE,but this doesn’t stop us from extending our services to clients across the globe. If your organization is looking for consultancy services to procure a GMP Certificate, just contact us for further assistance. With us, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • We help enhance your food safety management system.
  • We help you demonstrate your commitment to producing and trading safe and quality food.
  • We prepare you for HACCP certification or other food safety and quality management system.
  • We help in increasing consumer confidence in your products and
  • We prepare you for assessment to be conducted by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.

How do we help you get a GMP Certification?

We, at Vamah,undertake strenuous efforts to make sure you comply with all the required factors to get a GMP Certification. We are transparent and informative in our approach. Your organization is assured of certification on your first attempt itself as we will help you gain expertise during the whole process. Here are some of the measures we undertake to get you a GMT Certification.

  • We conduct a micro-level survey for each and every product of your organization and prepare a detailed GAP Analysis Report.
  • We help in the preparation of applicable documents required by GMP based on detail study of all activities of the organization.
  • We give GMP training to all levels of employees within the organization.
  • We also help in the effective implementation of the system by ensuring periodic visit till GMP Certification is issued.
  • We will conduct an internal audit to check your readiness for the accreditation.
  • We then will conduct Management Review Meetings in the presence of the Higher Management to guide the organization for effective implementation on all the issues.
  • We will go on to conduct mock drills for traceability of product as well as production re-call and other processes.

If your organization is also looking up to getting a GMP Certification from the boards, don’t hesitate to contact us at Vamah, Dubai, UAE. You can follow the link below to get in touch with us.