ISO 17021 Certification


ISO 17021 describes the standards which define the requirements for various organizations who are involved in providing conformity certificates for several types of management systems of Certification bodies or registrars. ISO 17021 certification is awarded to respective accreditation bodies after careful assessment of their processes to make sure that they are impartial and the results from evaluations conducted by them are uniform.

About Vamah’s ISO 17021Consultancy Services

Being one of the most popular ISO 17021 certification providers in Dubai, UAE, we have had the chance of working with some of the most famous businesses and professionals in the region. Our experienced consultants have rich experience of the nuances associated with ISO 17021 certification process and make sure that your applications are approved in the shortest time frame possible. Our team members make sure that the 17021 certification adds significant value to your company and offers long-lasting benefits that can be sustained under various business fluctuations.

Why choose us

Our team of consultants has been working in the field of ISO 17021 certification since many years and have all the necessary skills that are required to ensure that our client businesses can enjoy the benefits of our expertise for many more years. We prepare your staff members and other key personnel with various aspects of the ISO 17021 certification and make sure that you continue to improve your processes even after the certification has been granted. We also offer extended support services to ensure that you do not face any difficulty whatsoever during the later stages after awarding of the ISO 17021 certification.

We will help you with the various crucial aspects of ISO 17021 certification in confirmation with your organizational structure and requirements: –

  • Conducting a survey of every management system for the certification bodies.
  • Preparation of a detailed GAP analysis.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents required for the certification.
  • Development of Standard operating procedures for different management systems
  • Planning, execution,and implementation of a quality assurance plan.
  • Providing training to all employees with the organization for various aspects of ISO 17021
  • Assessment of preparedness for the ISO 17021 accreditation
  • Conducting management review
  • Development of standardized policies

How can we help?

Our expert consultants have assisted numerous businesses and professionals in Dubai, UAE to get the ISO 17021 certification. As our clients have been working across various different domains, we have acquired immense experience of helping our clients with specific requirements and used it to leverage the progress of your application for ISO 17021 accreditation.

The level of services offered by Vamah depends on your unique requirements. In case you are only looking for a necessary support, our consultants will help you with the GAP analysis in order to determine the degree of variation from the prescribed parameters. Then you can work on the areas where there is the scope of improvement and need not waste resources on areas where you are already performing well.

In case of a requirement for advanced support, we will help you with all the aspects starting from preparation of documents to implementation of recommendations. We will make sure that your application for ISO 17021 certification is approved in one go.

Get in touch with us today and get your business ISO 17021 certified.