ISO 17024 Personnel Certification Bodies Accreditation Management System


Set a trend for personnel certification with ISO 17024 accreditation management system standard.

ISO 17024 Management system will assist your organization to:

  • Implement an approach toperform personnel certification.
  • Provide quality services
  • Get more business opportunities.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Identification as an organization meeting internationally developed standards in the provision of quality services.
  • Confidence on the part of persons seeking services for themselves or family members.
  • Confidence on the part of funding sources, referral agencies, other providers, businesses, community leaders, and community resource and service organizations.
  • Independent, external review to identify strengths and areas for improvement based on objective program

Our Approach :

Vamah delivers project in phase wise manner as mentioned below table, it is easy way to achieve environment management system certification.

  • 1

    Gap Analysis

    We will review the organization existing management system, and to determine what process need to be developed, improved, or removed to bring the organization of the ISO 17024 standard.

  • 2

    Awareness Training

    Our consultant will conduct trainings/ workshops for organization staff in

    the awareness, establishment, and documentation of management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 17024 standard.

  • 3

    Document Development

    As per the gap analysis report, we will prepare your document of ISO 17024 standard such as Quality Manual, Procedures, Formats/ Templates.

  • 4


    Our consultant will review and teach your staff how to do document and records control.

  • 5

    Internal Audit Training

    Our consultant will conduct and facilitate the training of audit teams.

  • 6

    Internal Audit

    Our Consultant will conduct the internal audit with the ISO17024 standard and identify the non-conformities and guide them to take corrective actions with action plan for an effective manner.

  • 7

    Management Review Meeting

    Our consultant will participate and conduct the MRM meeting with the top management and discuss about the issues and improvement to your organization.

  • 8

    Audit Support

    Our consultant will guide you and prepare for the external audit, help you to achieve certification audit.

ISO 17024 – FAQ

It is athird party approval body to ensure that competence to perform specific tasks.

It is an international standard that specifies the general requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

What are the benefits of ISO 17024?

  • Continual improvement.
  • Responsibilities of personnel clearly defined .
  • Documented system provides useful reference .
  • Lower error rates and operating costs.
  • Improved control during periods of change or growth.

It is a criteria against which an individual needs to establish competencies and ensure those criteria are held by applicants before certifying them.

Competence requirements are profession, an occupation, a job or a portion of a job.

You won’t need to appoint a Quality Officer.However,we recommend that but you select a designated representative or coordinator who will take responsibility in your organization for achieving accreditation.

It is a formal Management Review Meeting , in thatmeeting discuss about all organizational needs and aspects.e.g. resources.

Yes, we provide consultancy for required documents, training, implement the project, internal audit and MRM to achieve ISO 17024 accreditation.

We can provide you with:

  • we provide ISO 17024 document template tool kit.
  • we can provide this in-house and online training for ISO 17024.
  • advice and guidance throughout the entire process;

What are the documents required to get accredited?

  • Quality Manual
  • Quality Procedures
  • Quality Formats
  • Technical procedures.
  • Others relevant to the specific requirement.

Management Representative is authorized to ensure that the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 system is established, implemented, and maintained by organization personnel.