ISO 22000 Certification

Vamah UAE – ISO 22000 Consultancy

ISO 22000 is an international certification relating to requirements of food safety management systems. It has created a harmonized safety standard that is accepted all over the world. It is applicable to all participants in a supply chain including farmers, processors, transporters, packers,and sellers.

About Vamah’s ISO 22000 Consultancy Services

Being one of the biggest ISO 22000 consultancy services provider in Dubai, UAE, we have helped numerous businesses acquire the ISO 22000 certification in the shortest time possible. Our consultants have immense knowledge and expertise over the ISO 22000 standards and make sure that you are able to fully reap the benefits of ISO 22000 certification by integrating it into your quality management system. We make sure that you are able to unlock the true potential of your organization with our consultancy services.

Why choose us

Our consultants have been working in the field of ISO 22000 certification since last many years and have helped numerous businesses and professionals get the certification in no time. We offer our expertise and technical competence while making sure that the HACCPISO 22000 food safety management certification adds value to your business, whose benefits you can reap over long periods. The scope of our services includes consultation, facilitation, internal audits, pre-assessment audits during the process of ISO 22000 certification.

We ensure that you not only get the ISO 22000 certification in the first attempt itself. We also make sure that you are able to deploy a comprehensive Food Safety Management system to add a sustainable competitive edge over your competitors. We help you build on your strengths while taking care of the inherent weaknesses in your operational capabilities.

Based on your individual requirements, we can offer consultancy services regarding the following food safety management certification processes: –

  • Gap analysis
  • Training regarding awareness
  • Analysis of hazards and risks
  • Preparation of documents and implementation of the program
  • Training of Internal Auditors
  • Management review and Implementation review
  • Pre-assessment audit

How can we help you?

With our professional ISO 22000 consultants and years of experience of handling various clients from different domains, we have the required expertise to ensure that your organization gets the ISO 22000 certification in the first attempt itself. The implementation of ISO 22000 standards in your organization depends on the extent of benefits you want to derive from it. Our consultants will work with you to understand if you are looking for a basic implementation or a comprehensive organizational level implementation. Then we will discuss, plan, develop and implement the required changes in your organization to ensure compliance with the prescribed standards. We also take care of the documentation part and ensure that all your documents are in order before applying for the ISO 22000 certification. With our extended support, we make sure that the changes introduced in your organization are continued for extended periods so that you can reap their benefits for extended periods.

If you are also interested in our ISO 22000 certification services, then get in touch with us now and let us partner you in your quest. Click Here for more information.