Hazards can occur at any stage in the food chain. As the derivative of ISO 9000 that deals directly with food safety, ISO 22000 describes the requirements for a food safety management system.

ISO 22000 has a strong consensus throughout the world and gives developing countries a source that represents what the food safety standards must be in each country, developed and developing countries alike. Such standards allow countries to have defined characteristics of what their product and service standards should meet market expectations.

Implementing ISO 22000 in an organization results in a more robust food safety management system and potential access to new market opportunities.

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ISO 22000 Strategic Benefits

  • It helps in building aFSSC System which provides your company with effective management of food safety hazards by creating an environment capable of producing safe product and a management system to continually manage, monitor, validate and improve the system.
  • Starting on your certification can help you stay competitive and qualified to work with your current customers.
  • Large retailers and multinational manufacturers or processors are also demanding certification of their suppliers. Having FSSC Certification means you are qualified to supply these organizations or their suppliers, opening up a large market for your products.
  • Countries across the globe are making changes to food safety regulations, including the United States and its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). FSSC prepares your organization to meet many or most of the FSMA requirements.
  • Becoming certified to FSSC can increase your market opportunities, increase your customer's confidence in your food safety practices and improve your internal processes to ensure safe product.
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ISO 22000 Compliance Benefits

  • It ensures awareness and compliance to legal requirements
  • ISO 22000 standard promotes meaningful communication of relevant information on legal and other requirements to employees and people working under the company control.
  • A well implemented system will provide clear processes for everyone to understand, implement and follow
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ISO 22000 Internal Benefits

  • Internationally recognized, harmonized standard for controlling food safety hazards
  • Flexibility, allowing it to be applied to all organizations in the food supply chain, thus encouraging cooperation in addressing food safety hazards
  • Possible integration of the food safety and quality management schemes within an organization (e.g. ISO 9001)
  • Provides a framework for management commitment, communication with suppliers and customers, and continuous improvement of the food safety system
  • Demonstrates an organization’s commitment to food safety
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Vamah Benefits

  • Vamah has a 100% success rate of achieving ISO certification
  • Vamah’s ISO 9001 Consultants work across a diverse range of industry’s with organizations ranging in size from sole trader to international PLCs
  • Vamah has experience with a wide selection of ISO standards so can offer tried and tested advice on their implementation and integration
  • Vamah has built excellent relationships with certification bodies, universities and a rigorously selected group of associates so you receive the best possible service.
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ISO 22000 Rightaway

  • Provide advice on upcoming updates to the standard and useful supporting documentation
  • Support you in discussions with Certification Bodies to ensure you get the best price
  • Offer guidance on integrating the new ISO standard with existing controls and standards. This can reduce costs, time and potential complications in the future

  • Carrying out an initial gap analysis of your company against the Standard
  • Create a bridge and line of communication with statutory and regulatory bodies, customers and suppliers
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ISO 22000 Before Certification

  • Support with tender applications and the development of associated documents
  • Providing information and advice on the best course of action
  • Develop a project plan with key deliverables and a realistic time frame
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ISO 22000 During Certification

  • Develop the required documentation in a format that most suits your company

  • Support, organize and run any training required
  • Liaise with different members of your company to develop processes that best suit your organisation and create ownership in those that use them
  • Audit the system and make recommendations for improvement
  • Draw on the wealth of experience held by A to offer advice that not only meets compliance but is best suited to your company and its particular motivation
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ISO 22000 After Certification

  • Maintain your Management System with Vamah ISO Consultants
  • Provide a comprehensive audit schedule & process
  • Conduct audits and ensure the right outcomesare implemented
  • Report on key performance indicators and service improvement
  • Support you in discussions with your Certification Body and provide assistance with external assessment and surveillance visits
  • Maintain and update Legal Registers
  • Develop your system to best incorporate existing requirements, both legislative and voluntary
  • Chair management review meetings
  • Conduct supplier audits
  • Provide impartial professional advice on business improvement
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