ISO 27001 Certification

Vamah UAE – ISO 27001

Protection of critical company data is of paramount importance these days which includes customer information data as well. It is necessary for companies to undertake a host of different activities to ensure that the crucial data remains secure at all times. Understanding the importance of security of data, ISO 27001 standard was created in order to provide extensive protection to critical organizational information related to customers, employees, finance, research and intellectual property. All this information forms the foundation of success for every organization and therefore it is necessary for companies to protect this information for their own security and longevity.

About Vamah’s ISO 27001 Consultancy Services

At Vamah, we offer one of the most comprehensive ISO 27001:2013 consultancy services in Dubai, UAE. Our team of experienced consultants has helped numerous clients implement the required recommendations in order to be compliant with ISO 27001:2013 standards. We have helped our clients secure their crucial information and data effectively with our ISO 27001 consultancy services and ensure that they retain the competitive edge over other players in the market. Our consultants are more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure safety and integrity of our client’s data and information in Dubai, UAE.

Why Choose Us

We have been offering our ISO 27001 consultancy services to our clients since last many years and have helped them streamline their operations and enhance the safety of their vital information. Our support services ensure that the benefits from your ISO 27001:2013 certification extend for many years and help your organization maintain the advantage of safety and security of vital data.

As per your requirements, we can customize our services also and help you with the following processes: –

  • Selection of Information security management system
  • Determination of scope of Information security management system and its optimization
  • Assessment of the risk involved
  • Development of a plan to manage the risk involved
  • Information security management system gap assessment
  • Security Control Gap Assessment
  • Support for remediation of the gap
  • Identification of security metrics
  • Information security management system Internal audit
  • Support for ongoing risk management

How can we help you?

With our rich experience in ISO 27001 certification consultancy, we can help you identify the gaps in the security of your crucial information and then take remedial actions. The nature of our support depends on the extent of your requirement.

If you only need a basic support, we will conduct a Gap analysis,i.e. identify the difference between the prescribed standards and actual performance of your organization. This will help you understand as to where you meet the specified standards and which areas you need to work on as there is a scope for improvement.

If you want comprehensive assistance, we will guide you with the management and implementation of the gap analysis and introduce controls wherever required. We will also help you with the documentation part, which would ensure first-time approval for your ISO 27001 certification.

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