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As Digital age marketers, we always love SMS Marketing as it’s the easiest, and hassle-free medium of marketing.

SMS marketing is known as the earlier stages of IT marketing which changed the trend over the years but the it started with the idea. The core of e marketing started with SMS Marketing- that dates back to 2000. A communication tool, so influential that it reaches within seconds and has an impact no matter where the receiver is.

Why is SMS marketing so important marketing tool in UAE?

More than 8 million people live in the Main areas of UAE. With all different nationality and race, UAE is hub to globalization of Middle East arena. With the diversification and global market presence, UAE is one of the global cities where the demand is always high.

As per the online poll conducted, one person almost carries 2 mobile numbers- cells, so approximately the cell phone users are double in numbers. With Dubai being a hub to shoppers, traders and investors. SMS marketing is going to sail in the long run with all industries and all type of businesses.

SMS marketing can be helpful to any sector in the market it is a low cost high returns strategy. In an era of internet there are many places where you may not be able to access any other IP based messaging system like WhatsApp, which needs internet to send and receive messages.

People are mostly within 1-meter reach of their cell phones, considering professional and private life both. Many SMS marketing providers know these facts and hence know that SMS Marketing is not going to vanish that easy.

The normal open rate is of within 5 minutes of message received on the receiver’s cell phone. The call to action should be powerful enough to generate business or leads.

And as any other marketing strategy, many forget that this is also a useful tool only for promoting and diverting to sales. Most business make the error to understand the situation correctly.

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