The Significance Of Implementing ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is global standard for managing occupational health and safety programs that ensure worker safety in health care sector. The standard has some requirements and guidelines that need organisations in the health sector needs to follow as to be ISO 45001 compliant.

Even though you are already compliant with OHSAS a kind of standard for managing safety system in health care sector, you need to implement ISO 45001 as the OHSAS is to retire from 2021.

ISO 45001 which was in March of 2018 by the International Organization for Standardization helps organisations to reduce the work-related accidents or diseases worldwide. It is going to replace OHSAS and brings out an uniform approach to health and safety.

 Goals of ISO 45001

  • The ISO 45001 aims to help your organization achieve:
  • continual improvement of OH&S performance;
  • fulfillment of legal requirements and other requirements;
  • achievement of OH&S objectives.
ISO 45001

How the Standard Helps Meet These Goals

There are many appendices and clauses that provide everything you will need to implement this standard to ensure a better safety and health to workers at the workplace.

In fact, there are many areas the properly implementation of this standard helps you excel in. And those areas are where an organisation must have strong hold in as to sustain and compete in the market.

Here are some of the ways implementing the ISO 45001 can help you:

Leadership and worker participation: Clause 5 of this standard focuses on engaging leaders and workers in your OH&S management system. The clause focuses on encouraging even the workers who are in management to participate in safety and health activities by decreasing the barriers.

Planning: This section of the standard tells organisations about how to address risks and harness the opportunities. It helps you with identifying the hazards, predicting opportunity, and understanding the legal things required.

Support: support section mainly deals with areas such as resources that help with continual improvement of the OH&S management system, workers competence and how to enhance it, awareness about the potential risks and the best approach to tackle them, a better communication and documentation.

Operation:  Clause 8 which focuses on operation part of the management system helps you how to plan to control risks through implementation of the processes necessary to address risk, opportunities and legal compliance.

Performance evaluation:  In this section, you are told about the method that helps with monitoring, measuring and evaluating the performance of your OH&S system. The ISO 45001 OHSAS certification will also help you set up a process for internal audits as well as management review.

Improvement:  Here you learn about how to make your safety and health system far better.  The section provides insights into incidents, non-conformity, and corrective actions that help you drive improvements.

With those considered, it seems quite evident that implementation of the ISO 45001 along with OHSAS is very important.  And a ISO 45001 OHSAS Certification for ISO 45001 and Safety Management Software can help you easily implement this standard and sync it with your existing system.

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