What Are ‘ISO 17024’ And Its Benefits?

Whether you are an organization providing personal training program or a business looking to enhance the competencies of your employees and build their confidence, ISO 17024 – a kind of standard that helps you create a program aimed at enhancing the capability of your manpower.

 ISO 17024 Personnel Certification

Whatever the goals you have to achieve, the right implementation of this standardization will be a great help for your business. ISO 17024 Personnel Certification consultants in the UAE providing facilitation services aimed to enabling businesses who want to make the use of ISO 17024 will help you.

What is ISO 17024 and how can it help you?

ISO 17024 is an International Standard which is meant to create guidelines for certification programs for individuals.

These are some of things of ISO 17024 focuses on.

  • Defining what it is you examine (the competencies)
  • Knowledge, skills and personal attributes
  • Examination must be independent
  • Examination must be a valid test of competence

The standard is all about enhancing the ability of employees to apply knowledge, skills and attributes.  So it is updated from time to time. The last time it was updated in July of 2012.  And the new version of this standard include following new requirements for personal certification bodies.

  • General requirements
  • Structural
  • Resources
  • Records and Information for Persons
  • Development of Scheme
  • Certification Process
  • Management System Requirements for the Certification Body for Persons

The major changes that occurred between the 2003 version and the 2012 version are the detailed information regarding the development of the scheme for certification of persons.

Though the 2003 versions did focus on the development of the scheme but it did not elaborated the components to be included. The 2012 version has the entire clauses providing detailed information regarding the components to be included in the development and maintenance scheme.

No matter you are a business looking for a way to enhance the skills of your employees and create manpower aligned in the goals of your business, investing in this international standardization is a good idea.

From improving quality of workforce, providing a greater control of processes and activities, to saving time and money, implementing ISO 17024 has an array of advantages for a business. There are many consultants in the UAE providing The ISO 17024 Personnel Certification Training to personal certification bodies. Take for example, VAMAH, a leading name that has long been providing high-end standardization services.

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